• Verification, modification, monitoring, and renovation of the accreditation for official bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs.

Information about the program

Article 24.2 of Royal Decree 1393/2007 of October 29, which establishes the organization for official university degree programs, and which is modified by Royal Decree 861/2010 of July 2, states that: “Within a period of six years after the date of initial verification or from the date of the most recent accreditation, official Undergraduate and Doctoral university degrees must have their accreditation renewed according to the procedures and time periods that the Autonomous Communities establish in relation to the universities under their scope of authority. Master's degree programs must also be subjected to the indicated procedure within a period of four years”. Article 27-bis establishes that the initial accreditation of official degree programs must be periodically renewed based upon the date of their verification by the “Council of Universities” or the date of the most recent accreditation.

In accordance with the cited legislation, the evaluation process for renewal of accreditation must include, in all cases, a visit by experts from outside of the university. Within the Autonomous Community of Galicia, the “Agency for Quality Assurance in the Galician University System” (ACSUG) is responsible for performing the assessment for renewal of the accreditation, in accordance with the evaluation protocols that were jointly established among the evaluation agencies that comply with the European Quality Criteria and Standards.

The objectives of accreditation renewal for university degree programs are:

    a)To guarantee that implementation of the degree program has taken place in accordance with the verification report, using the appropriate resources, obtaining the expected results, and supported by a quality assurance system.

    b) To ensure that the degree has an appropriate monitoring process and that the quantitative and qualitative information obtained has been used to analyze its development and to generate the appropriate proposals for improvement.

    c) To ensure that the public information that is pertinent and relevant for the various agents involved in the university system is available.

    d) To provide recommendations and/or suggestions for improving the degree program.

The accreditation renewal evaluation is based upon compliance with the commitments assumed in relation to presentation of the degree program as well as upon the results obtained for the degree.