• Pursuit of excellence through external evaluation mechanisms of the teaching activities.

Bonus for curriculum excellence: Specifications for the evaluation

Elements for evaluation

There are two types of evaluation distinguished in each call for applications for this type of bonus:

•  Basic evaluation: This includes the two five-year periods and the six-year period, which the applicant must be able to verify, and which will be awarded a maximum of 9 segments/points that can become stable and integrated in nature.

•  Additional evaluation: This includes any additional achievements that the applicant can verify to demonstrate merit in his or her professional teaching and research career, with a total of 6 achievements being allowed for submittal in each of these categories. For this evaluation a maximum score of 2.5 segments/points can be awarded in each area.

* The "quality" of these achievements will be taken into account for this evaluation.The corresponding list of achievements and their point scores will be stipulated in each call for applications.

* Applicants who do not fulfill the minimum requirements for this bonus as stipulated in the contents of the call for applications (2 five-year periods and 1 six-year period) will not be advanced to the evaluation process. However, they may apply again under the next call for applications.

Additional evaluation




Max. 6 achievements


Max. total of 6 achievements

Research: Max. 4 achievements

Knowledge transfer and dissemination: Max. 4 achievements

The maximum point score that can be obtained for these bonuses will be the sum of the scores from the basic and additional evaluations, in other words, 14 segments/points.

Evaluation period 

  • First call for applications

    The totality of the five-year and six-year periods possessed by the applicant will be evaluated as well as the additional achievements selected by the applicant and corresponding to the five-year period established in the call for applications.

  • Successive applications

    According to the regulations in effect, five years after having submitted an application an applicant may again submit his or her teaching and research experience for a new evaluation process.

    In exceptional cases, such reevaluation may take place after 3 years, when a new five-year and/or six-year period of employment has been completed (basic scoring). This will involve a new evaluation of the professional career achievements during the last 5 years (additional scoring).