• Pursuit of excellence through external evaluation mechanisms of the teaching activities.

Advancement for collaborating professors: applications

Manner of presentation and time period

The time period for presentation of applications requesting evaluation and reporting for advancement and establishment of permanence for collaborating professors is open. Any person who complies with the requirements established in the applicable regulations can submit such requests at any time.

Applications must be submitted in an electronic format with access available through this link

Once submitted in digital format it must be printed and submitted in the manner indicated in the protocol for reporting and evaluation prior to establishment of permanence for collaborating professors in accordance with the agreement of the Galician Committee for Reports, Evaluations, Guarantees, Certifications, and Accreditations (CGIACA) of November 2, 2010.

The ACSUG has made the following model CV available for anyone who may wish to make use of it.

The ACSUG has also made the following model declaration available for anyone who may wish to make use of it.

Verification of the contents of the curriculum vitae

  • University teaching experience under the Teaching Organization Plan (POD) claimed on the CV must be verified using the corresponding certificate from the General Secretary of the university or from the academic authority to which this duty has been assigned, in accordance with the university's regulations.
  • Academic programs completed and master's degrees received must be verified by submitting the corresponding certificate, which must also show the number of hours completed
  • Participation in competitive innovation and research projects must be verified using the documentation demonstrating the award from the funding entity as well as the characteristics and position held as a member of the project, along with its international, national, Autonomous Community, inter-university, or inter-departmental nature.
  • Use of ICT and the production of Internet resources for teaching must be verified by providing the URL where such resources can be found, or by certification from the manager of the platform that shows evidence of the use of the resource as well as the person responsible for it. In cases where such URLs have restricted access, verification should be provided by a printed copy of the homepage showing the person responsible for developing it.
  • To verify books, articles, and other publications it will be sufficient to provide a photocopy of the first and last pages, table of contents, page containing the ISBN or ISSN number, Legal Deposit information, etc. In cases of work that has been accepted but with publication pending, verification should be provided by a certificate from the publisher or the entity responsible for the publication.
  • Completion of the doctoral thesis must be verified with the doctoral diploma, the certificate from the committee responsible for supervising doctoral and post-graduate work at each university, or with a document showing official recording of the doctoral degree. - The holding of individual administrative positions should be verified using the certificate from the General Secretary of the corresponding university, showing the title of the position and the start and end dates.
  • Professional activities carried out should preferably be verified by submitting a copy of the corresponding employment contracts and an employment history record from Social Security.

In accordance with the provisions found in article 35.f of Law 30/1992 of November 26 on the legal regulations for public administrations and common administrative procedures, in cases where the evaluation or report regulated under the Order of April 22, 2008 have already been requested, the documentation will not have to be submitted since it is already in the possession of the ACSUG. In such cases this circumstance should be indicated in the application, making reference to the corresponding file number for the previous evaluations or reports. In all cases, verification must still be provided for any contents of the curriculum vitae obtained after the previous request for the evaluation or report.