Publication of REACU protocols for evaluating official degree programmes

The Spanish Network of University Quality Assurance Agencies (REACU) is publishing the general quality assurance protocols (basic standards and general guidelines) for verification and modification of the curricula for official degree programmes. This is being done in response to new regulations that came into force in 2021: Spanish Royal Decree 822/2021 of 28 September, which establishes the organisation of university teaching and quality assurance procedures, and Spanish Royal Decree 640/2021 of 27 July, on creation, recognition, and authorisation of universities and their departments, and institutional accreditation for university departments.

Based on those published protocols, and in conformity with them, the ACSUG will be developing its own evaluation guidelines.

REACU has also published an informational bulletin, which presents the catalogue of protocols already produced and those with their production pending: