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Renewal Process (2019)

The ACSUG is carrying on a continuous improvement process and cyclical evaluation of the fulfilment regarding the “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area”. As a result, after 5 years since the last ENQA external evaluation, a new international evaluation process is being developed.

ACSUG has finalized the self-assessment stage, with the issuing of a report, result of a process divided into several phases, with the participation of ACSUG staff, members of the different bodies of the agency, as well as other university stakeholders: academic evaluators, professionals and students, members of ACSUG working groups or technical staff of universities.

The self-assessment report and its annexes are included below:

Following with the process, from 20 to 22 March 2019, the ENQA review team, responsible of the ACSUG external evaluation, visited the agency headquarters to analyse in situ the fulfilment of the European Standards and Guidelines by ACSUG. The review team met with representatives of all the Galician University System stakeholders: ACSUG staff, members of all the agency's bodies, representatives of the Galician Government, representatives of the Galician Universities, external experts, students, employers and external working groups.

After the visit, the review team issued its final report. This report was analysed by the ENQA Board in its meeting of 19 September 2019, reconfirming ACSUG as an ENQA full member for 5 years, until 2024. During the 2019 ENQA General Assembly held in Yerevan (Armenia), the board decision was ratified by all organization members.